DIY Projects

December 21, 2009

3 Easy DIY Projects

Add visual interest to a room with these simple House & Home ideas.

Injecting personality into a space can be easy and inexpensive if you’re willing to take on some do-it-yourself decorating projects. Try one of these this weekend!

Create an artful tablescape

Favourite mementoes and treasures take on new significance when arranged into a tabletop vignette.

Create a striking display by grouping pieces like old trophies, antique books and vintage match strikers onto a decorative tray (see photo above). For best results, choose items in a variety of heights, shapes and textures.

Freshen up an art wall with blank spaces


Create impact by including deliberate blank spaces on a picture grid. Interruptions in a formal grid make it look less formal, yet still graphic and eye-catching.

Square items in similar frames or from a series work best — leaving spaces in between allow you to focus on the pieces. To put together the arrangement, start by mapping it out on the floor, leaving gaps the same size as the works themselves, then mount the pieces on the wall.

Cover a closet with drapery


Soften a space by using drapes as an alternative to sliding closet doors.

Hang ready-made drapery for a quick cover-up or create an inexpensive custom look with a patterned bedspread. Line it to add body, sew header tape into the top and hang it from drapery pins.


Tablescape by Stacey Brandford; art wall courtesy of Orlando Diaz-Azcuy by Diane Dortans Saeks, Rizzoli, 2009; drapery by Tracy Shumate.