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February 13, 2009

DIY Festive Topiary

Our Versailles box planter is paired with a 4-point iron pyramid, but any planter and square topiary form (metal, wood, bamboo, twig) that fit together securely will work.

Flank the fireplace with a pair and trim with ornaments for the holidays. (Store the tree outside when possible to keep it fresh.) Or, place one outside the front door to welcome guests or in the back garden as a focal point viewed from a key window. In the deepening twilight, topped with a sprinkling of snow, your creation will truly shine.

Materials and Tools

  • Planter
  • Topiary form
  • Long-needled evergreen (we used white pine) cuttings
  • Spool of medium-gauge florist’s wire
  • Chicken wire
  • White outdoor mini-lights

Step 1

Cut branches of evergreen 8″-10″ long. To make a garland, overlap two branches by a couple of inches, keeping all the needles pointing in the same direction, and wire the branches together at the joint. Wire additional branches to these in the same way until you have created a garland that is about 25′ long.

Step 2

Roll a piece of chicken wire into a tube the same height as the topiary form. Our tube was about 3″ in diameter and 4′ long. Twist mini-lights around tube tightly to cover. Suspend tube upright inside topiary form using wire.

Step 3

Wire end of garland that has needles pointing away from it to bottom of topiary form (this will ensure needles will point up and out, not lie flat). Wrap garland around form, keeping layers close together to completely cover the form. Plug in lights.

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Author: Martin Ciccone of Horticultural Design in Toronto

Stacey Brandford