DIY Projects

February 13, 2009

DIY Oak Leaf Candles

When softly glowing, candles handrolled with fall leaves have the luminous quality of stained glass; as the wick burns down, the silhouettes of the leaves become even more dramatic.

Materials and Tools

  • Leaves
  • Wax sheets
  • Wick
  • Frying pan
  • Books

Step 1

Collect beautifully coloured leaves, and buy wax sheets and wicks at a craft store.

Step 2

Press leaves between the pages of a book for several days, but don’t leave them for too long or they’ll become brittle.

Step 3

Cut sheets of wax to the height you want, then roll one sheet tightly around a wick.

Step 4

Add more layers, until the candle is the desired thickness.

Step 5

Arrange the leaves on the final sheet of wax, then wrap tightly around the candle.

Step 6

To finish, quickly touch both ends of the candle onto a heated frying pan.