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November 28, 2013

DIY Ottoman Pouf

Poufs are a great way to add colour, but store-bought ones can be pricey and don’t always work into your decor. With a few cotton runners and a little sewing know-how, I found that it’s easy to make your own. Here’s how I did it.

Materials and Tools

  • Flatweave rugs
  • 1 yd. faux suede
  • Yardstick or measuring tape
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine or sturdy needle and thread
  • Zipper
  • Foam beans

What it Cost

Runners (2) $40
Faux suede $15
Foam fill $20
Zipper $5

Step 1: Choose, measure and cut rugs

I liked Ikea’s Emmie rug for its warm, summery colours and can’t-go-wrong stripes, but any thin cotton runner will do. (If the rug is too thick, it will be too hard to pin and sew.) I wanted a pouf that measured 13″ high by 24″ square, so I needed two 31-1/2″ by 59″ runners. Measure four 13″ x 24″ rectangles and one 24″ square, and mark off with tailor’s chalk, leaving an extra 1/2″ on all sides for seams.

Step 2: Sew sides and top together

Line up the shorter sides of the rectangles, matching up the fabric pattern as best you can. Pin rectangles together and sew to attach, forming a long 13″ x 96″ rectangle. Then, pin the 24″ square to the 96″ side of the rectangle, folding the rectangle so it lines up with each side of the square and the seams line up with the square’s corners. Sew the square to the rectangle.

Step 3: Cut and attach bottom and zipper

Measure and cut two 12″ by 24″ pieces from a faux suede (or any fabric that’s thin but has some grip) for the bottom of the pouf, again leaving 1/2″ for seam allowances. Attach pieces along their 24″ side with a zipper, so you have a 24″ square piece with a zipper running down the centre. Sew square to the bottom of the pouf as you did the top, with the zipper facing inwards.

Step 4: Fill pouf

Turn the pouf right side out, hiding the raw seam edges. Carefully scoop foam beans into the pouf until it’s as squishy or firm as desired. Zip up and enjoy!

Chair, throw, side table, Design Within Reach; lamp, Hollace Cluny; artwork, Elte; ceramic vessels, Mjölk; wall colour, Cloud White (CC-40), Benjamin Moore; Emmie rugs, Ikea; foam, Beanbagz.

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Author: Holly Meighen

Angus Fergusson