DIY Projects

February 4, 2009

DIY Picture Frame & Mat

Add a professional feel to old picture frames with textured wallpaper.

Dress up small items with leftover pieces of anaglypta, textured wallpaper designed to be painted. We covered a picture frame with anaglypta wallpaper and used it as matting within the other frame.

Materials and Tools

  • Plain wood frames*
  • Embossed wallpaper or border (we used anaglypta)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Paint and sponge brushes

* The frames used for this project must be wide enough to show the pattern of the wallpaper. If you are making a second frame with embossed-wallpaper matting, use an identical frame for a matched set.

What it Cost

2 Frames $30
Paint $20
Wallpaper $15

Note: Costs are estimated as accurately as possible. For several projects, we used paint and wallpaper leftovers. Your materials for these projects may cost less (if left over or found at garage sales) or more (if you’re buying a new roll of wallpaper or a more expensive piece of furniture to refinish).


Step 1: Measure your frame. Cut one strip of wallpaper border for each of the frame’s four sides.

Step 2: “Mitre” the ends of each strip to 45° so that the corners will match up perfectly.

Step 3: Glue to frame using spray adhesive, and allow to dry.

Step 4: Paint the frame (and the wallpaper) with a sponge brush, and allow to dry. Apply a second coat of paint if needed.


Step 1: For the second frame, measure and cut a piece of embossed wallpaper to fit inside the frame to use as matting.

Step 2: Paint the wallpaper with a sponge brush and let dry.