DIY Wood-Block Stamp Wrapping Paper

The return of the holidays means pulling out the wrapping paper again — or running out to buy more. This year, style editor Sarah Hartill decided she wanted a more handmade look. With a wood-block stamp, a roll of kraft paper, a few hours and a little help from her kids, she made my own original wrapping paper. Here’s how:

Materials & Tools

  • Small wood block
  • Jute twine
  • Rubber bands
  • roll of kraft paper
  • Sponge stamp pads

Step 1. Get a small wood block, or other sturdy base for your stamp. Then, choose your stamp ink colours. Sarah picked a rich, festive bluish red and snowy white, but you can use tried-and- true red and green, or even add some sparkle with metallic ink. Opt for a stamp pad with a sponge soaked in ink, rather than a cloth, for better ink transfer.

Step 2. Wrap the wood block in jute twine or rubber bands, leaving a bit of space between each strand or band and being careful not to overlap the jute or rubber. (If one part of the stamp is too raised, only that section will make an impression.) Twine makes a stamp with a looser pattern; rubber bands will give you cleaner lines and a bit more solid colour.

Step 3. Unroll several feet of kraft paper on a large table. Working roughly in a straight line, stamp the paper. If you don’t mind a little fading, reapply ink after a few stamps. If you want a stronger pattern, reapply after each stamp. Let dry for 20 to 30 minutes, then unroll more paper and continue stamping until the roll is covered. Wrap your gifts, tie with jewel- toned ribbon and stash under the tree.

Kraft paper, twine, stamp pads, DeSerres; ribbon, Mokuba; wall colour, Creamy White (W-D-710), Behr.

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