Father’s Day DIY Projects

After browsing the blogosphere for fun DIY ideas to pass on, I came across these three blog posts worth sharing. This weekend, spend an hour or two crafting something personal for pops — he’ll appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of something homemade.

1. Vintage Thread Card

Fiona Richards of Cafe Cartolina posted this blog about vintage thread cards last summer, but I think there’s something masculine about them (a tightly-woven suit?) that would make them perfect for Father’s Day. Search antique markets and vintage shops this weekend if you’re not a sewer. (Browse a photo gallery of Cafe Cartolina’s inspiration.)

2. Eye Chart Art

This unique art idea from Hodge:Podge By Markova Design would look great hung in an office or bathroom. All you need is a canvas, paint, an eye chart printout from the Internet and a courier font. Easy!

3. Ikea Lack Table Makeover

Refreshed Designs posted this idea to spruce up a basic Ikea Lack table with a painted top and wallpapered legs. The concept is so simple, but you can see it really elevates the look! Dad would love the modern look of this wood grain contact paper from the dollar store. (See what we did to a basic Ikea table on Online TV.)

Happy Father’s Day!

For more ideas, see this DIY Belt Clock or Reiko Caron’s roundup of gift ideas.

Photo credits:
1. Cafe Cartolina
2. Hodge:Podge By Markova Design
3. Refreshed Designs

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