DIY Wire Trellis

Have I mentioned how much I love the Chez Larsson blog? Well, I do. DIY-er Benita posts easy-to-follow projects from her 1954 Stockholm rowhouse — covering everything from gardening, painting and sewing. Here’s a fun trellis project to add some greenery to a front or backyard fence. You could even try it on a condo balcony. If you have some time this weekend, head outside with some hooks!

Pick up some galvanized metal wire and eye bolts at your local hardware store, and attach a series of vertical wire lines along planks of a fence.

When planted at the base of the fence (either in the ground of a yard or a planter pot on a balcony), climbing plants like clematis will begin to grow upwards and reach over to adjacent wires. What a great way to add some interest to a ho-hum fence! For full instructions, see the Chez Larsson post.

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Photo credits:
1-2. Chez Larsson

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