Best Paint Colors

March 18, 2009

Dormer Window Doubts

Q. We love our new home but the dormer window is just too large and out of sync with the house. We plan to have it fixed eventually, but in the short-term, how do we make it look like it belongs? Paint/shutters/bigger windows?

A. The dormer’s bright white siding does call attention to its size. “Paint out” the dormer by painting it the same colour as the stone façade to help camouflage it. Benjamin Moore’s Alexandria Beige HC-77 might be a good possibility. If budget permits, a more expensive temporary solution would be to wrap the dormer in cultured stone. Cultured stone is much lighter than real stone, and can normally be installed right onto a surface without the need of a foundation for support (your siding might have to be removed in order to have a flat surface upon which to work). Choose a cultured stone similar at least in colour to the existing stone. The size and shape of the cultured stone won’t matter as much as the colour and tone.

Shutters are also a great idea, and would offer the illusion of bigger windows. Choose a charcoal grey like Pratt & Lambert’s Deep Charcoal 25-18, which will contrast with the stone or new paint, and would blend nicely with the roof colour.

To complete the look, consider painting your metal door the same red as your front door (or remove the metal door if not needed), and paint the garage door the same shade of grey as the shutters, creating a focal point for your front entrance for a welcoming, final touch.