Dreamy Brick Floors

My train pulls into Union station at 7:50 am and heads north again at 5:30. I’m a suburban girl — always have been and probably always will be.

I enjoy the space and quiet that comes with living outside of the city. I like looking out of my bedroom window and seeing trees everywhere. I love stopping my car to let the geese cross the road. Walking my dogs is actually peaceful. I realize many would disagree and maybe it’s a comfort thing, but it works.

As always, there’s a catch. Searching for a starter home with the least bit of character in suburbia is impossible when you don’t have a disposable income. My fiancé and I have been toying with the idea of a new townhouse — you know, the photocopied kind. The thing is, I really hate the floors. Unless you’re doing some serious upgrading, it’s carpeting and laminate all around.

After perusing different options that might suit my theoretical new house, I’ve concluded brick is best. I love its warmth and the way it adds instant charm to a country-style home. Here are a few spaces where I couldn’t picture anything but a beautiful brick floor.

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