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March 3, 2010

Dreamy Kitchen Appliances

While the reno work goes on downstairs, we have been living upstairs in what feels like a very dusty, student-style apartment. We have a tiny make-shift kitchen. (In other words, we eat out a lot and have become masters of the no-cook meal.) So, while I awkwardly whip up another soup and sandwich combo for dinner each night, I dream of our new appliances that are waiting in a warehouse somewhere. 

Photo Blog March 3 Dreamy Kitchen Appliances Red Range

For our stove, it was love at first sight: a gas range by Bertazzoni. Leave it to the Italians — we just couldn’t look at any others after seeing this one. That’s amore! (H&H design editor Cameron MacNeil also has one that you can see in our Online TV episode featuring his kitchen makeover.)

I was not sure about the gas convection vs. electric convection oven options. Anyone had any experience comparing the two? I’m thinking anything is better than the one-burner beauty I’ve got now!

Photo Blog March 3 Dreamy Kitchen Appliances Fridge Refrigerator

For our fridge, we chose a counter depth Fisher&Paykel model for its square lines and well-designed interior.

Photo Blog March 3 Dreamy Kitchen Appliances Stainless Steel Fridge

We also bought a surround kit so it will look as built-in as possible. By building a base for the fridge, it will sit up off the ground at the same height as the counters — an added bonus for tall people!

Photo Blog March 3 Dreamy Kitchen Appliances Dishwasher

To have a dishwasher at all has me giddy with joy. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not wash piles of dishes by hand. Have you seen these handy panels that seamlessly conceal a dishwasher? Ikea sells one in the same style as our lower cabinets, dishwasher and all.

Now, we just need to get everything else finished so we can install these beauties. It should take a few weeks — and that’s probably about all the grilled cheese sandwiches I can take!

Are you planning a kitchen, too? If so, use our free online kitchen design tool to place your appliances in the perfect spot.

Photo credits:
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2. Active Smart Refrigerator in stainless steel, Fisher&Paykel
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4. Renlig integrated dishwasher, Ikea