5 Driveways With Fountains

My tiny driveway has finally failed me! I must give it credit though, for a while it did manage to keep four vehicles ticket free and off the street and sidewalk. With a recent new addition, however, we now have to fit five vehicles in a two-car parking space. This has led to my newly blossoming love affair with grand driveways! And of course, the estates and the European-inspired fountains that often accompany them make then even more envious. Here are some driveways with fountains that make me swoon:

The fountain-centred driveway is timelessly elegant, luxurious and practical. There is undoutedly plenty of space for the homeowners’ cars and guests’ cars alike — of which you’d expect there to be a lot at a house this size. Its circular design makes coming and going hassle free.

I love the combined luxury of having a four-car garage and a spacious pavement area.

This attached side garage is so large it could accommodate cars and offer plenty of additional storage! The wraparound driveway is sleek and simple, but lengthy and operative.

Have you found ways to manage a defeated driveway? Comment below!

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