E Ink Prism Tiles

If you’ve heard of E Ink, it’s likely for the company’s work on e-readers — they’re the ones behind the technology that makes it possible to read your Kindle in direct sunlight. But their latest product goes well beyond handheld gadgets. In fact, it could one day change how we decorate our homes. Prism, which made its debut at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show earlier this month in Las Vegas, is a Plexiglas wall tile that operates much like an e-reader screen, only in colour. Imagine if your walls were made of Prism tiles — you’d never need paint, or even wallpaper, again because you could switch up the colour or pattern of your walls, just by flipping a switch. Check out the above Vine video for a demo.

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Stacy Lee Kong
E Ink
E Ink Prism tiles, E Ink.

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