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Easy DIY: Easter-Ready Wrapping (& 4 More Pretty Spring Ideas!)

We don’t usually think of Easter as a gift-giving occasion, but sometimes you’d rather give the littles in your life a small token or gift certificate over mountains of chocolate bunnies. (That’s what grandparents and favorite aunties are for!) However, handing over a gift card just doesn’t feel quite as festive as a pretty basket. Luckily, Toronto-based gift stylist Corinna vanGerwen has an easy wrapping DIY to give those little gifts a pretty, spring-y spin.

You’ll need a small, rectangular box (this one is from Creative Bag in Toronto); two short lengths of ribbon, one in the same color as the box, the other in a complementary hue; cardstock; crepe paper; scissors; glue dots and seasonal accents, like tiny chicks, which Corinna found at the dollar store.

1. Put your gift card or small present in the box, then tie it closed with a short length of ribbon in the same color as the box. Our box came with matching ribbon, but you can easily pick some up at a craft store or online. Trim the ends of your bow.

2. Cut out three leaf shapes, one in cardstock and two in crepe paper. Don’t worry about making them perfect, but do try to keep them close to the same size. Punch a hole through one end of each leaf.

3. Write a message or your recipient’s name on the cardstock leaf, then thread them onto the remaining length of ribbon, making sure the cardstock is on top. Fan the leaves out, then tie onto the center of the bow on the box. Trim the ends of your ribbon, if necessary.

4. Arrange your chicks on the top of the box, making sure you’re happy with the placement. Then, using glue dots, stick them down.

Want more gift styling advice? Here are some of Corinna’s best seasonal tips:

Make the most of springtime motifs. There aren’t always tons of Easter-specific wrap options, but you can spruce up a gift with small accents from the home decor or craft sections of your local department store. There’s also always the dollar store, which has lots of inexpensive finds that you can use in a sophisticated way, and “natural elements are also nice,” says Corinna. “Use fresh flowers or pussy willows as an embellishment.”

Easter wrapping idea mini eggs yellow Corinna vanGerwen

Embrace color. “Everyone always wants lots of color for spring. And it’s so nice after a long winter!” she says. “I like all the fresh bright yellows, greens, robin’s egg blue, all the pastels. Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, would be perfect.” For a more refined look, stick to a limited palette of only one or two hues, or try tone on tone.

Up your basket game. “If you’re using [an Easter egg basket] to collect eggs, you want it to be a little more durable, but if you’re giving it as a gift or it’s going to be a table decoration, you can really get creative with it. Go cheap and cheerful for egg collecting and high end for decor,” Corinna says. She suggests finding a basket (or another container, like a pail or bucket) with a shape you like, then spray painting it a fun hue. “Think beyond the traditional springtime palette: it would be interesting to try a deep indigo blue, or you could go with neon, which is always fun. Try taping off patterns or color blocking the basket, so the handle is a different color from the base, for a more modern look.”

Easter wrapping idea clear box pink filler stripes ribbon Corinna vanGerwen

Don’t forget the filling! Whether you’re using a basket as a centerpiece or filling it with treats (or using another container altogether), Make sure you choose the right filler. According to Corinna, “the translucent plastic stuff gets kind of packed down, so if you like that as a look, use paper or wood fiber filler underneath — it holds its shape better — then top with a layer of the plastic kind.” To make sure your basket has dimension, make sure your filler is higher in the back than in the front, which gives a nice gradation to the basket and allows you to see everything.

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