Family Bathroom Makeover

My parents have been living in the house I grew up in for more than 20 years now, and have spent about that much time making changes to suit their style. From large-scale renovations to simple paint colour changes, they’ve embraced the mentality of transforming a house into a home by making it their own. Everything, that is, except for the main bathroom. For so many years it wasn’t a priority because they have their own ensuite and didn’t have to endure the late ’80s/early ’90s time warp that was the “kids'” bathroom.


Stark navy and faux white marble tiles scaling the walls, generic chrome fixtures and mismatched cabinets desperately needed updating.

With a little (er, a lot) of coaxing from me, and the help of Toronto-based Splashworks Kitchen + Bath, they recently finished the overhaul. Although the floor plan and plumbing remained largely untouched, the introduction of different textures, shapes and cool monochromatic tones created a serene new space.


Marble, Caesarstone and ceramic surfaces lend a clean yet warm feel. The height of the ceiling was enhanced by painting the sloped peak the same colour as the walls and installing a statement pendant light to draw the eye up. The sculptural fixtures, all from the Axor Montreux line by Hansgrohe, have an old world feel and balance the modern space nicely.

The vanity and medicine cabinet, which was designed and manufactured in-house by Splashworks Kitchen + Bath, are both functional and substantial stand-alone pieces. The frosted door, from Bauhaus, created a few headaches, but allows light to spill into the hallway while still offering privacy.

Although I no longer live in this house with my family, I’m still happy that the puzzle feels more complete.

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Photo credits:
1-2. Lauren Petroff
3-6. Splashworks Kitchen + Bath

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