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It’s white outside but the office is feeling “green”. Cameron shared some of his eco finds in Thursday’s blog, so now I’m sharing mine.

For many of us, greening our lives is one of our New Year’s resolutions, but unlike dieting or quitting a bad habit, this promise is one we can all keep because it’s easy to commit to and involves… shopping! There are tons of new eco products out there, but I’ve narrowed my choices down to five standout products that I think are worth trying out.

The clean freak in me loves to try new household products, especially when they are nicely packaged and convenient to store. Method’s new line of laundry detergent fits that bill perfectly. With an 8x concentrated plant-based formula, these small, lightweight bottles have a smaller footprint than regular laundry jugs (think lighter shipping and less plastic!). My favourite feature? Method replaced the messy cap with a push-pump for easy dispensing, which eliminates waste and spillage! You can find these Method products at Home Outfitters or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Ontarians only have one year left to purchase incandescent bulbs before the province bans them from store shelves. That means come January 2012, your home should be outfitted with LED lights. To many, LED bulbs are not ideal, as they contain mercury and often have an unattractive shape. Thankfully, there are new options on the market, such as Sylvania’s Ultra LED. Shaped like an A19 bulb, it contains no mercury, lasts 8x longer than an incandescent bulb and is dimmable. They cost approximately $24 and can be purchased at Home Hardware stores across Canada.

I couldn’t resist adding a kitchen gadget to my list. I first saw the SodaStream at Pistachio in Toronto, but it can now be found just about anywhere. This cool gizmo turns tap water into seltzer, thus eliminating bottles and packaging. You can transform any juice into a fizzy drink, or purchase one of SodaStream’s concentrated soda mixes, which you can add to your water post-carbonation.

The salt spread across city streets isn’t too eco-friendly, but the carpet you use to soak up that slushy mess can be! Flor has an impressive range of modular carpets that can be fitted to suit any entrance. Their products are made with renewable and recycled content and are recyclable through their Return & Recycle Program. Don’t shy away from bold prints and colours because Flor products are easy to clean, and if stained, easily replaced with new tiles.

Finally some eco wood furniture that isn’t made of bamboo! West Elm collaborated with students from the Pratt Institute in New York to create a line of office furniture using FSC-certified materials. The result? Modern-looking pieces made of FSC-certified eucalyptus, powder-coated steel, low-carbon-emission MDF and water-based natural stains. Get your hands on the Pratt home office collection while it’s still on sale!

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