September 4, 2009

Favourite Grocery Store Dip

Liberte - Lemon Mediterranee Yogurt

Everything Liberté dairy makes is delicious. Beyond delicious. Their Moka 2.5 % fat yogurt is a perfect after-dinner treat; their Quark is a breakfast staple, spread on multigrain toast with a bit of jam; their Lemon Méditerranée yogurt is so sinfully good you can even use it as a substitute for lemon curd in a Pavlova.

Liberté Tzatziki - tangy, creamy flavour-packed

But lately it’s all about their tzatziki: I’m smitten. It’s a smooth medley of rich yogurt perfectly seasoned with cucumber and garlic. Tangy, creamy, flavour-packed and available at most grocery stores across the country. It’s perfect with your favourite recipe for grilled chicken kebabs or just vegetable crudités.

chicken gyros with cucumber salsa and tsatsiki

Or if you’re making the Roast Leg of Charlevoix Lamb from our current issue (my very favourite roast lamb recipe), try a sandwich from the leftovers with a pita, this great tzatziki and some sliced cucumber.

lamb souvlaki sandwiches

Photo credits:
Serious Eats, January 19, 2009
Claire Tansey