Best Paint Colors

December 9, 2008

Finding A Tuscan Yellow

Q. I want a Tuscany feel within my home and I can’t find the right yellow. I want the colour of buckskin — very natural and not too bright. Can you recommend any Ralph Lauren yellows? I do not want any yellow that might have a green tint.

A. We have chosen two yellows, both without a hint of green, from Ralph Lauren that will help you achieve that Tuscan look. Tapestry Gold (TH09B) is a darker, rich yellow that will add warmth and depth to your walls. Somerset Yellow (CO16C) is a lighter, toned down version of the Tapestry, but still evokes that lovely Tuscan feel. Paired with dark woods and off-white ceramic pots, either yellow will result in a rich, welcoming space reminiscent of Italian villas. Try using one of the above colours applied with a textured finish, also available from Ralph Lauren.