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February 2, 2010

Framing Art On A Budget

I stumbled upon these great posters at a garage sale and thought, “Great, all I have do is frame them up, how hard can that be?!”

Photo Art Blog Posters

Then I got my fantastic find home and quickly scanned the Internet for a ready-made frame. Unfortunately, I discovered my wonderful pieces needed something custom, making the project slightly more of an investment than I was hoping for. Still, I knew that if I didn’t act, this awesome artwork would spend up to six months stored under my bed, while my blank walls continued to stare accusingly at me.

Photo: Framing Art On A Budget

The solution? Skipping the custom frame and having a custom matte made instead. I chose a simple Ikea Ribba frame in white (70cm x 100cm, $30), and had a custom, acid-free matte made at DeSerres in black ($25). Total cost: $55. A fraction of what I was quoted by the framer!

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Photo credits:
Stacey Smithers