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It’s the most famous front door in the world: the British Prime Minister’s London office at 10 Downing Street. It popped into my mind recently for a few reasons.

We featured a trend a while back about knobs placed on the centre of doors. The photo used to illustrate the point was a townhouse façade restoration by New York architect Gil Schafer. I’ve long admired his work, and this project is no exception. The door hardware is truly gorgeous.

But definitely when I think centre door handle, I think 10 Downing St. Its hardware is discreet and beautifully formed and polished to the highest shine, natch. Imagine if it was your job to polish the door hardware at 10 Downing — amazing!

I recently met with some Farrow & Ball representatives, who were in Toronto to talk about exterior paint colours. Which brings me to the second reason 10 Downing St. came to mind. I said to them, “Imagine if they decided to repaint the front door at 10 Downing St. a different colour. I think it might start a revolution!” I think they thought I was crazy. Then I got to thinking about what colours I might suggest.

PARA Sampler Red P2037-03: Don’t you think a gallon of this Canadian Heritage Collection red would make a lovely Christmas gift for Stephen Harper to give David Cameron for the front door? Never mind that both PMs are from political parties more closely associated with the colour blue.

Farrow & Ball Charlotte’s Locks: This juicy hue from the Dorset-based paint makers created quite a sensation when it launched recently. And since tangerine has recently been named the colour of 2012 by Pantone, why not slap a coat on the door at 10 Downing?

Benjamin Moore Bonsai CC-666: I go back to the pages of the January 2012 issue of House & Home for paint pick number three. (Also featured in this Online TV segment.) If red and orange seem entirely too daring, then I think this bottle green is suitably serious, while also signifying the colour of money and environmental awareness. Perfect.

And lastly, here are my three favourites from the House & Home archive:

Since my own house number is two, I imagine that I live in the third house (in my dreams).

The door at 10 Downing also plays a very important recurring role in my holiday celebrations. I’ve added Love Actually to my holiday movie must-watch list. I can never resist Hugh Grant in residence at 10 Downing or the scene at the closing credits with real people embracing at Heathrow.

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