Decorating & Design

December 9, 2008

Front Door Privacy

Q. Our new home is located in a busy town and our front door has a lot of windows as well as windows to the sides of it. Can you give us some ideas about how to cover them up from the inside in order to give us privacy? I like international crafts/fabrics and sophisticated and funky design. Our furniture is mostly custom-made as well as overstuffed chairs and antiques. We like warm tones/colours. Please help!

A. The only drawback to covering up your windowpanes is that you will be blocking natural light too. Several options are available, so make sure to consider how much light you want in your entry when deciding which window covering solution is best for you. One solution would be to replace the glass with frosted panes. This will provide privacy, but will still allow light to glow into the house. The frosted glass will create more of a contemporary feel, but sometimes mixing modern with antique offers that often-needed “extra”. Matchstick or bamboo blinds would work well since you enjoy a natural, warm look. Since neither material is opaque, both would still allow a little light into the house, and the bamboo colour would complement the yellow siding and robin’s egg blue door. If you decide to go with shades or blinds instead of changing the glass, remember to keep your blinds at the same level. This will make them look much tidier and more pulled together when looking at the house from the outside. Finally, wooden blinds in a creamy colour that matches your trim would be a classic, stylish solution. Keep them closed for complete privacy, or leave the slats open to allow light to filter into the house.