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August 26, 2009

Get A Free Mini Magazine

House & Home September 2009 issue

Forgive me, but I’m going to do something out of character today — brag. One of the benefits of working behind the scenes at is I know every piece of content and where to find it. But there’s one thing I can’t bear to keep to myself any longer because it’s so darn useful: a digital preview of every new issue of House & Home magazine.

And here’s how you find it for yourself next month (which, by the way, means Monday, since that’s when the October issue starts dropping in mailboxes)
1) Scroll to the top of the site so you can see the navigation buttons
2) Hover your mouse over Magazine
3) Then, when the menu drops down, click View a Sample

It’s that easy. Now you can click to see a dozen or so pages of the current issue, including the contents pages. It’s like being teleported to the newsstand to flip through the pages and get a taste of what’s inside.

Of course, if you’d rather skip that issue, we’ve saved you a trip to the store. Or if you like viewing the magazine online, you might become a digital subscriber: then you could read every page of every issue online every month. For U.S. and international fans, this means a big savings since digital subscriptions cost less than receiving the magazine — $24.95.

Enjoy your sample and tell your friends: it’s not every day you get something for nothing!