Decorating & Design

November 27, 2008

Girl’s Bedroom In Blue

Q. I would like to decorate my daughter’s room so that it doesn’t look too little girlish — she would like blue walls, but I’m having a really hard time coming up with something she could grow up in that looks pretty and “blue”. She is 7 years old.

A. Blue can be a lovely colour for a little girl. At 7, she will probably love different shades and tones of blue, in different patterns and textures. If she wants blue walls, try Martha Stewart’s Atlantic (B29), a beautiful, muted shade. Add cushions and accessories with blue stripes or florals.

For an alternative to painting the walls, try wallpaper in blue and white toile. Matching stripes or florals in cushions, bedding or even blinds would coordinate very well with the toile and add depth and colour. Adding a quilt or bedspread in coordinating colours, some of her own artwork on the walls and soft bedside rugs will result in a very pretty room that can adapt to any age by simply changing the accessories and furniture.