Gold Accents

Colour trends come and go so quickly. What I can’t seem to get enough of these days, however, is gold. Perhaps it has recently appeared on the design scene as a continuation of the yellow trend. (We all wanted yellow décor hits so badly, but many of us couldn’t find accessories before we moved onto greys.) Or perhaps the new gold rush reflects the fact that old-school decorating is taking root again, from brass details to gilded mirrors — Granny’s style, but edited artfully. Whatever the reason, I find it a refreshing break from silver details — another neutral metal to embrace. Don’t be afraid to add both silver and gold to the mix.

Photo Blog April 6 Gold Accents Faucet

Kohler’s Vibrant Moderne gold finish is a bit brighter than the last gold they introduced, and is available in brushed or polished options.

Photo Blog April 6 Gold Accents Tableware Anthropologie

This great new flatware from Anthropolgie is aptly named, “Sun-Tipped Silverware”.

Photo Blog April 6 Gold Accents Wallpaper Desk

Wallpapers with metallic paint like this one are an easy way to add gold to your room.

Photo Blog April 6 Gold Accents Wallpaper Closet

Or, you can do a beautiful gold scribble in metallic paint — yum!

Photo Blog April 6 Gold Accents Living Room

The gold details mixed into this room’s décor help give the space its warmth and character. Note how silver and gold are both present, as are dark and light wood. Break the rules, people!

For more on gold accents, read Andrea Mills’ Glam Greek Style blog post.

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