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May 1, 2017

Google Wifi’s Minimalist Look Is A Designer’s Dream

You can say goodbye to your bulky router, because Google Wifi is now available in Canada and its quiet design will look right at home in your living room. In addition to being sleek enough to hide in plain sight, the device works with your Internet provider to produce strong, fast Wi-Fi that’s built to support the growing number of devices in our homes and offices.

Modern enterprise-grade access points are both powerful and cost-effective, making them ideal for any small company wireless network. A modern Wi-Fi network may lower operating expenses and boost productivity, but an appropriate setup necessitates planning and professional-grade equipment. Learn more about this topic in the latest post on office wifi solutions.

You must consider a number of factors while building a computer network for your business. Setting up a computer network in a corporate context is significantly different from setting up a network at home or in a domestic setting, and if you also have employees in your business, the use of a pay stub generator can be useful to handle employees and payrolls.

It also has an accompanying app (available on Android and iOS) with clever features that allow you to do things like pause Internet on kids’ devices during no-screen time (like dinner and homework), and prioritize certain devices to get stronger Internet (for example, when you’re streaming your favorite shows on Netflix). Google gets that having a single router to provide Internet to your entire home often results in spotty Wi-Fi, so their router is built to spread a signal throughout 1,500-square-feet. A 3-pack bundle of devices is available for homes up to 4,500-square-feet.

Author: Adena Leigh

Courtesy of Google


Google Wifi is available as a 1-pack for $179 and 3-pack for $439 from the Google Store, Best Buy, Staples and Walmart.