Gorgeous Flower Arrangements

Once in a while you stumble upon images so beautiful they take your breath away. The design landscape is cluttered with so many photos and projects and opinions and trends, that when you see work like Amy Merrick’s flower arrangements, you just stop and appreciate. Amy’s styling is all about the simple beauty in nature, carefully coaxed into splendor by the hands of an artist.

You may know her from her work on design*sponge, or her charming blog An Apple A Day, or her floral designs for former employer Saipua in Brooklyn, New York. Amy has just launched a new website, Amymerrick.com, and it is full of such lush beauty I just had to share it with you!

Influenced, I think, by the famous 20th century British florist, Constance Spry, Amy incorporates fruit, berries and natural elements with flowers, ferns and foliage to create romantic arrangements like these.

Images on Amy’s blog feature her family’s charming country cottage in New Hampshire.

Some images are light and springy…

… and some are dark and moody. All are absolutely beautiful and will give you a breath of fresh, inspirational air. You may never look at flowers, fruit — or even weeds for that matter — in the same light again.

Be sure to check out Amy’s gorgeous site soon!

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Photo credits:
1-9. Amymerrick.com

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