Gorgeous Gallery Walls

There is something so personal about a wall of pictures. The process of piecing together photographs, prints, paintings, drawings and children’s art to reflect you and your family seems magical.

I have been collecting pieces for my gallery wall for years. Most of my collection is very old as I take great care in scouring antique shops and flea markets for beautiful frames that may have hung on someone else’s wall at some point. Those who take in my wall might conclude that I have a great appreciation for history and value things that are passed down — and they would be right. But I love looking through other people’s gallery walls to admire what they cherish. Here are a few I absolutely love.

A small cluster of gold-framed art is right up my alley. Isn’t this little reading corner a dream?

I’ve mentioned my affection for leaning frames in previous posts. Mixing family photos with art lends effortless style.

A lovely way to display children’s art.

This homeowner kept to one subject with stunning results.

Whether to keep a display modular or not depends on taste. I love everything about this one.

Here’s another favourite.

I can’t wait to get started on my own gallery. What would make yours perfect?

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