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Graphic Painted Floors

I’ve always loved the look of painted floors. You can hide a lot of “bad” with a good paint job! If your floors are tired looking, or you don’t like the colour of the wood, or you simply want to add some interest to them, then this is a relatively affordable option. Adding pattern to your floors with paint takes this idea up a notch. I’m not talking scrolly, stenciled looking patterns on your floor, though. I think graphic, geometric-inspired patterns make this look feel current, and give it a more youthful, modern appeal. The paint colours you choose obviously decide whether the look will be subtle or loud. That’s what’s so fun — you can customize every detail. These examples below show how painted floors can really add character and personality to a room.

A simple wide stripe is sophisticated but not stuffy.

This time the floor has been given a honeycomb pattern. The light grey on white washed wood softens the look.

No need for a rug in this entryway! And you’re guaranteed to smile every time you walk in the door.

I think maybe this blog should be about honeycomb-patterned painted floors! Clearly that’s what I’m drawn to. Here’s another project by Sara Story. This picture has been seen so many times I know. The floors definitely contribute to making it feel so special.

This time black on white makes the honeycomb pattern bold and dramatic. Great for a dining room!

This would be fun in a kids’ playroom. Actually, painted in the right colours, it would also be a fun pattern to paint onto your dining room floor – with your table centered in the middle.

Photo credits:
1-2. Nate Berkus
3. Sarah Story Design
4. Sarah Story Design
5. Grant K. Gibson Interior Design
6. MD Floors