Great Canadian Design Blogs

Blogs are a daily source of inspiration for all of us at House & Home, but we’re particularly supportive and proud of our Canadian talent. Back in 2009, Trish Snyder shared some of her favourite home-grown talents, whose blogs we still peruse on a daily basis. This past November, fellow H&H blogger Gwen McAuley had a chance to attend the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup where she mingled with some the savviest bloggers around, too.

For even more of my favourite Canadian blogs, see my recent blog post.

So, let me begin with my all-time favourite: Poppytalk. This truly beautiful blog is always inspiring, with all kinds of pretty, trendy and whimsical ideas. Posts feature food, decor, design, fashion and art, which include — but are not limited to — Canadian content.

Former H&H editor Cobi Ladner has a wonderfully colourful blog, Cobistyle, where she shares her opinions and insights about design. I like to visit her site weekly, both for inspiration and to hopefully catch a glimpse of her new product line!

House & Home favourite Arren Williams shares his thoughts over the web, too. I absolutely love seeing where some of Canada’s best designers get their inspiration from! The photos he posts — taken from talented photographers as well as his own camera — are as lovely as his writing, which makes this blog another weekly read for me.

It’s always good to mix it up. For an edgier, urban look, Kitka is a great resource for trendy Toronto shops, unique products and tasty restaurants from across the city.

If you’re already a fan of Kitka, you’ll also want to check out Hindsvik. This young couple — who run an online vintage shop — share their home renovating dilemmas, DIY projects and design favourites through their highly visual blog.

I enjoy Bookhou At Home’s simplicity. Her blog is a wonderful breath of fresh air and ideas. Also a regular contributor to Poppytalk, Bookhou’s posts are heavily influenced by her trade: printmaking and sculpture.

For a quick dose of eye candy, I love to visit Oh My Gosh. Stunning interior shots, hot fashion items, and updates from interior decorator Trina Brandon’s home renos are assembled in a soothing colour palette that will have you clicking through the pages for hours.

Food, photography and design come together seamlessly in Vancouver’s Pinecone Camp. Janis —a professional photographer — shares her three passions via her homey blog. I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet, but in my defence, I was too busy drooling over the photos.

Who knew there were so many talented Canadian bloggers out there? Clearly, I cannot feature them all in a single post but I have plenty more to share with you, so stay tuned for more posts in this series.

Photo credits:
1. Poppytalk, photo via
2. Cobistyle
3. Arren Williams, photography by Robert Caruso
4. Kitka
5. Hindsvik, photography by Peter Bennetts
6. Bookhou At Home
7. Oh My Gosh, photography by Frederikke Heiberg
8. Pinecone Camp

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