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April 8, 2011

Great Etsy Finds

I’ve known about Etsy for many years now, but rarely have I thought of the site as a go-to source for home decorating — until recently, when a friend of mine sent me a link to an Etsy product that was worthy of the MoMA store. It was silly of me to think that Etsy was full of crochet rugs and feather jewelry when I could have been perusing the site for contemporary, handmade and vintage items all along! If you have some time on your hands and the patience to sift through all the housewares offered, I say, do it. Not only will your purchase be unique, you will also be supporting small designers and artisans.

Here are some of the products I’d like to get my hands on:

This eco-friendly magnetic knife block is sleek and compact, perfect for small spaces. It’s available in 5 colours.

These concrete vessels have that on-trend raw look. Available in many sizes, patterns and colours, use them as fruit bowls, decorative accents, or even birdbaths. They are surprisingly affordable, too.

Cork is a fantastic material. This storage basket — made of rubberized cork — is durable, flexible and very eco-chic. It also folds to store flat.

These tall nesting bowls are crocheted out of a wool and mohair blend. You can’t quite see in the photo above, but the bases come in various bright colours. I think they’d add a certain homey-cosy feel to an office or living room.

From silk velvet Ikat pillows to modern chevron patterns and silkscreened prints, Etsy has a huge variety of throw pillows at a range of prices. I really like the French “merde” pillow. There’s nothing better than a French curse word perfectly stitched onto high-quality recycled felt.

If you’re beginning to think that Etsy only features contemporary-looking products, think again. These French country ceramics are too cute to pass up! The ceramic cloche is only $16.50 and the salt and pepper shakers (although not handmade) are under $10!

Happy shopping!

Photo credits:
1-9. Etsy