Great iPod Speakers

Whether I’m rocking out in the kitchen preparing dinner or sitting out on the patio in the summer, my must-have of the moment is the Tivoli iPal Radio.

Tivoli Audio’s iPal Radio

Tivoli Audio’s iPal Radio

Not only is the design sleek and fitting to any setting, the sound is unbelievable. Also, if you’re not interested in listening to the radio, you can easily connect your iPod.

Tivoli Audio’s iPal Radio

Plus, the iPal Radio’s environmentally-friendly NiMH battery recharges in less than three hours, and lasts up to 16 hours. Here’s another fan: “In terms of bass, clarity and loudness, the Tivoli [iPal Radio] is in a class of its own … [it’s] the best sounding portable speaker on the market for the iPod, and it’s got AM/FM to boot when you feel like listening to local radio. Highly recommended.” (NBC’s Today Show).

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Tivoli Audio iPal Radio
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