December 10, 2009

Great Kitchen Gifts

Photo: Fauchon Apple Paves

Fauchon Apple Pavés

It’s often the simplest sweets that have the most impact. These delicate little cookies have just enough sweet apple flavour to match their rich butteriness. The perfect biscuit to have with a cup of tea. About $15, through DoveTale.

Photo: Kitchen Grips Petite Chef's mitt

Kitchen Grips Petite Chef’s Mitt

Why didn’t they think of this sooner? Instead of the usual bulky oven mitts, these ones actually fit right to your hands, which makes handling the hot stuff so much easier. And they’re made of a super high-tech material that’s water-repellent, non-slip, anti-bacterial, dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 500°F.  About $40, through Browne.

Photo: Krups die cast blender

Krups die cast blender

I remember when a friend’s husband gave her a bread maker for her birthday.  She’s not too keen on cooking and let’s just say it was not a hit. There were angry words spoken about culinary expectations and so on.

Clearly, not everyone appreciates an appliance gift. But then again, not all appliances are as happy-making as the new Krups blender. Its ability to both very gently purée a tomato sauce so that the seeds remain intact and then blitz the heck out a full jar of ice, rum and fresh pineapple (and all in a surprisingly quiet way) makes it a welcome gift for someone who loves to cook. About $250, through Krups.

Photo: Shun Bob Kramer Meiji Chef's Knife

Shun Bob Kramer Meiji Chef’s Knife

Kramer is the only master bladesmith in the U.S. and his custom knives are so exceptional that fanatics wait years for them. For those who’d rather chop and slice today, Kramer teamed up with Shun to create this line of ultra-durable, super-sharp, light and dexterous master tools. This is a splurge for sure, but it’s also a work of art to use every day for the rest of your life. About $580 for an 8” knife, at Williams-Sonoma.

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Photo credits:
1. Fauchon
2. Kitchen Grips
3. Krups
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