Green Living Show

The annual Green Living Show is coming up this weekend, April 13th-15th, held at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre. The show is open from 10-9pm Friday, 10-9pm Saturday and 10-6pm Sunday. Tickets are $15 per adult, but if you bring electronic waste (including old cell phones, modems, laptops and printers — find a list here), admission to the show is free! If you’re in the area, make a trip down to the show to browse what’s new in eco-conscious products, demonstrations and initiatives. Here are a few products from the show to get you excited about being green:

Freedom Clothing Collective, a non-profit cooperative supporting local Toronto artists, is selling these clocks, makeup bags and adorable tea towels made from repurposed materials.

This is so more than a placemat — it has little compartments to store your cutlery, then folds and ties for easy storage. Wouldn’t kids have fun with these? Plus, it’s soft enough to use as a napkin, too. Life Without Plastic makes them in Canada from Mahatma Gandhi-championed khadi (an organic cotton from India).

These colourful pillows from Montreal company Mayukori are stuffed with buckwheat seeds — neither synthetic nor animal-based (feathers). After shelling the buckwheat seeds, they recycle the protective hulls and use them to stuff the pillows. With a 10-year lifespan, the filling is a compostable and easily renewable product. Plus, the buckwheat hulls come from an organic farm in Quebec. And in these cheerful colourways, they would make a cute baby shower gift. (They were developed by a mom for her two young girls.)

This chartreuse shower curtain, also by Life Without Plastic, is made from naturally mold-resistant hemp. Plus, because hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, you can machine wash the curtain and hang to dry — no plastic liner needed!

So do your part and pick up some of these affordable green products at the show this weekend. Even better, take transit or carpool down to the Direct Energy Centre!

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Courtesy of Green Living Show

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