Green Velvet Sofas

I’ve been out on the market scouting lately and the travels have left me with three words top of mind: green. velvet. sofa. And they are all just so pretty, each one lovelier than the one before. I can’t quite decide on a favourite. You?

In a room that’s a monochromatic celebration of greens, this chesterfield-style model is right up my style alley.

This is a fresher more apple-green take on the classic, but I think it has a few dozen too many tufts for my liking.

This one is exquisite and formal with its gilt frame, camel back and deep emerald colour. This one is made for perching (preferably in a fabulous gown and with a glass of champagne in hand).

Ikea has joined in the fun with this special edition Stockholm sofa in the most perfect shade of green on earth. I quite love it.

And in case you worry it’s too daring a colour choice for a big ticket item. Don’t. Green is nature’s neutral — name a colour that doesn’t look gorgeous next to a green field or tree in full leaf. You can’t. Green goes with everything!

Photo credits
1. Adrian Briscoe.
2. Photo by Mark Bolton via
3. Designer Jean-Paul Beaujard. Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna via Architectural Digest.
4. Ikea Stockholm collection.

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Margot Austin