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June 28, 2010

Growing Strawberries

I love strawberries. I love them fresh, I love the tiny wild ones, and I love, love, LOVE them in freezer jam! Picking fresh strawberries is one of my all-time favourite summer highlights, so I try to do it each year.

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries Plant

I also love old-fashioned strawberry pots, so that you can pick berries to your heart’s content at home. Recently, I tried my hand at planting a strawberry pot of my very own.

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries PC Plants

It all starts with the plants. These PC Gigantico strawberry plants are a little bigger than usual, so my potted garden is off to a great head start.

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries Terracotta Pot

Next, you’ve got to get a pot! I love the look of terracotta, but you can get them glazed, too. This one is from Lowe’s and cost less than $15!

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries Pot

Next, you want to add a little extra drainage. You can use a broken pot, pieces of Styrofoam, or in this case a broken platter (sob) to create little air pockets at the bottom of your planter. This way, excess water has somewhere to go and doesn’t drown your plants.

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries Soil

On to the soil. You must use potting soil. Garden soil right from the ground is too dense and usually has too much clay in it for pots. It gets hard and dries out when in a flower pot. Potting soil is intentionally light and airy, to keep plants happy and their roots growing easily. This bag cost $4.

To plant the pot, just add enough soil to get you to your first hole. Then pop in a strawberry plant and add more soil. Once you get to the next hole, add another plant and so on. Give the whole pot a good long drink of water and really get all the soil moist. Excess soil will probably leak out of the holes for a while until the roots get established and hold it all together better.

Photo Blog June 28 Stawberries Garden Patio

And here it is! The perfect mini strawberry patch right on your own back step. Give the berries lots of light and you’ll have fruit to snack on throughout June and July. Why not give it a try?

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Photo credits:
Michael Penney