Handmade Holiday Finds From Etsy

Since I started planning my wedding six months ago, it has been a whirlwind of DIY activity at my house — luxe velvet and pretty lace everywhere! The holiday season has forced me to put aside my planning and get my hands into some festive DIYs, which I happen to really enjoy. I like including handmade gifts whenever I can as I find a lot of people really appreciate them — I know I do.

For those who are not crafty but like the idea of handmade ornaments and gifts, Etsy has an endless supply of beautiful and unique items ready to ship. Check out a sample of what you can find:

I love how fresh and bright these rag baubles look; perfect for a beachy Christmas theme.

I am finding these felt ornaments everywhere but if you don’t, Etsy has an endless supply in various colours. Fasten one to a gift box for a sweet touch.

Find unique Christmas stockings in every fabric and colour. I like the felt ones best.

Handmade Christmas linens are my favourite gift add-ons.

This fun garland is an easy alternative to intricate cut patterns, and looks great with minimal decor.

I find handmade stationery pricey so always convince myself to DIY instead. After getting carried away in the craft store, I usually come to the conclusion that I would have saved had I purchased cards like these: Etsy has a huge variety.

If you are a baker, these little tags add a nice touch to your treat giveaways.

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