Handsome Modern Chairs

Over recent years, there has been a clear surge in mid-century inspired interiors. The shapes of many pieces we see on the market today take the lead of Scandinavian simplicity and Bauhaus style. The silhouettes are sparse and clean, often with negative spaces outlined by organic materials like metal, and woods like teak, oak and walnut.

I love this look, and because of its handsome elegance and significance in the history of design, there is staying power for furniture items that pay homage to the greats from the past. However, as much as I like the style, a whole room done this way runs the risk of feeling stuck in the past, kitschy, or like it came from the set of Mad Men. That’s why I think having one chairs from this period is a great way to inject a hit of mid-century modern flare into a living room, bedroom or any other suitable space. Personally, I like the look of a modern piece in contrast with more feminine elements. Here are some of my favourite picks:

Jens Walnut Chair, $1,100, and ottoman, $550, Design Within Reach.

Bethany Lounge Chair, $999, Shelter.

Cavett Leather Chair, $1547, Crate & Barrel.

Model 45 Chair by Finn Juhl, $10,170, Design Within Reach.

Chauncey Chair, $376-$537, West Elm.

Woody Chair, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

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