September 29, 2010

Healthy Cookies

New Moon Kitchen, an all-natural bakery specializing in tastes-like-home cookies, was created (and is still owned and operated) by Toronto-based entrepreneur Eden Hertzog. Her healthy bakery has been supplying the GTA with hand-made cookies for over a decade.

Photo Blog September 29 Healthy Cookies New Moon

After years of hard work, Hertzog expanded her business to Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. Now she’s just cracked the U.S. market, where New Moon’s fresh-baked goodness launched September 11 in Whole Foods Colorado.

The cookies are made with 100% organic spelt flour and are tailored to numerous dietary restrictions. Made in a nut-free facility, these cookies are vegan, kosher, free of dairy and preservatives. There’s even a gluten-free option.

Here at House & Home, we’re all for enjoying healthy snacks (ahem) with our afternoon lattes, but organic spelt and no cholesterol or preservatives mean nothing to us if the cookies don’t taste good. (We’re very serious about our snacks over here.)

Photo Blog September 29 Healthy Cookies New Moon

So we launched an impromptu taste test of two New Moon Kitchen offerings: The Goldies and the Lovebites. Here are our findings.

“The double chocolate cookies are the perfect balance between a cookie and a brownie, pairing crunchy cookie texture with rich fudgy flavour.”  
Kimberley Brown, Senior Features Editor 

“My first thought was, ‘Are these really out of a box?’ Crispy oatmeal and chewy chocolate chips mean these cookies can definitely pass as home-baked!”
Beth Edwards, Editorial Assistant

“These are healthy, right?” asks Jaimie Nathan, Assistant Editor, “Because they taste healthy.”  

“I found the texture of both to be really satisfying, nice and chewy! They didn’t taste too healthy and they did kind of taste homemade. I really liked the spiciness of the chocolate one. If I were a huge cookie fan, I’d buy them as a “healthy” alternative. 
Kendra Jackson, Associate Editor

“I like the Goldies (though they do taste like they have no butter in them). You’d want to have these with a drink (tea would be nice) because they are a tad drier than, say, my grandma’s oatmeal cookies, which were maybe 20% or 30% butter! The Goldies also have a teeny little sugary crunch in them, like she put large-grain sugar or something like that that didn’t blend in when cooking — and it’s nice! On second tasting, I’d also like to commend the baker of the Goldies for not over-cinnamoning them!
Katie Hayden, Managing Editor

In the end, the Goldies, a traditional oatmeal cookie that tastes like a traditional oatmeal cookie — minus the buttery goodness — seems to be the fan favourite. Personally, I like spicy food, especially the addictive chili and chocolate combo, so I went in for a Lovebites dark double chocolate number first. It’s hit with spicy chipotle pepper and a hint of orange and vanilla. Again, looks homemade, tastes healthy, and man, is it ever spicy. You don’t want to accidentally drop one of these into little Timmy’s lunch box.

Bottom line: The House & Home editorial crew gives New Moon Kitchen cookies a buy!

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1-2. New Moon Kitchen