Heavenly Herringbone

That we H&H editors wistfully fawn over wonderful old herringbone hardwood floors isn’t news, but stick with me for a second.

You know the floors I’m referring to: graphic, often oak and immediately evocative of old European estates. Take the floors in the historic Georgian home of British design icon Ilse Crawford of Studioilse, above, which was recently photographed by Magnus Marding for Vogue Living Australia. Drool, drool.

Not surprisingly, Crawford once noted in an interview that her design standby is a great floor: “It’s the one thing we touch all the time, and it’s not considered enough in projects. It’s something you have a strong sensual contact with.”

Similarly inspired, cheeky British firm Deadgood recently debuted its Parq Life collection. By taking the traditional look of herringbone flooring and pairing it with contemporary curves, the line’s designer, Lee Broom, breathes new life into an age-old style. The collection includes a sideboard, lamp, coffee and side table, all finished in a satin walnut veneer with brass accents. Drool, drool.

See more photos of herringbone floors here.

Photo credits:
1. Magnus Marding
2. Parq Life collection, Deadgood

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