Decorating & Design

December 8, 2008

Height For Baseboards

Q. Is there a rule for adding baseboards? Can 7” baseboards be used in an 8’-high room?

A. There really is no hard rule about baseboard height. Any trim — whether ceiling (crown moulding), wainscotting or baseboard — will visually affect the look and especially the height of the space. A high crown moulding and high baseboard moulding will effectively reduce the amount of wall space, making the ceiling seem lower, however this trim style will make the space seem more cozy and luxurious. Eight feet is an average standard height for a room, so if a more pulled-together, traditional look is what you are looking for, 7” is not too high for baseboards. It will add drama and interest to the walls. Think about adding crown moulding as well, for a finished, sophisticated look.