Herringbone Floors

Ever since I saw this year’s Princess Margaret Hospital lottery showhome, I can’t stop thinking about classic herringbone floors. Lynda Reeves and her design team left the floors in the spacious Oakville home natural with an oiled finish, and I think they look beautiful. The finish is rustic and casual, but the pattern is traditional and classic. We often see herringbone floors glossy and polished — very New York City brownstone — but now we’re seeing them with a dulled, matte finish, and I’m loving both. Here are a few of my favourite rooms with herringbone flooring:

Not just for living rooms, a herringbone pattern also looks great in a bathroom. However, in an area with moisture, be sure to seal them properly.

This California home is filled with soft, neutral furnishings that allow the warm wood floor and gold accents to stand out.

No blog post of mine would be complete without a J.Crew mention, and what’s not to love about the raw flooring in their New York City bridal boutique?

This Park Avenue apartment has those dark-stained herringbone floors so characteristic of New York apartments. Paired with crisp white original baseboards, the flooring really pops.

Kate Spade’s New York City entryway has similar floors, but with a warmer, lighter stain, lending a more traditional look.

I love the unfinished look of this floor — tricky to clean, perhaps, but I bet it’s so soft underfoot.

Or, bring the herringbone pattern into a kitchen for a classic look. I love this golden finish paired with white cabinetry and black painted window trim.

For more on the herringbone trend, read Kimberley Brown’s blog post.

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