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December 5, 2013

H&H 2014 Trends Breakfast

For 16 years, the H&H Trends Breakfast has forecasted the looks and products we will be coveting for our homes. 

This year, the event was held on December 4 at Toronto’s Arcadian Court in the Hudson’s Bay store in Toronto.

The annual breakfast represents not only an opportunity to thank the advertisers who support our publications (including Maison & Demeure, our Quebec edition), but offers a chance to talk about the way we live, and use our homes.

Publisher Lynda Reeves kicked the breakfast off with a compelling description of the new Super Cocooning trend. Now that homes can be equipped with every technological gadget, we’re more connected than ever, but, she explains we still feel the need to congregate the old fashioned way.

She shared how she reluctantly joined a high-powered knitting circle, only to find she was thoroughly drawn in by the simple pleasure it offers. Gathering together to knit and gossip was something our mothers and grandmothers enjoyed, but they weren’t surrounded by iPhones, iPads and flatscreen TVs. Even in a digital age, we still crave personal connection, and authentic, handmade goods. (FYI, knitting is a big trend among — surprise — the 25-34-year-old set. Lynda recommends newbies check out The Knit Cafe).

Then editor-in-chief Suzanne Dimma called out the big decor trends for 2014. (I’d hate to wreck the surprise, to see them all pick up the January Trends issue on Eastern newsstands Dec. 8 and in the West on Dec. 15). In it you’ll find out the answers to: what’s replacing the chandelier? What does this year’s must-have coffee table look like? And what design trend is Suzanne most excited about? Here’s a hint: it’s groovy.

After the breakfast, Mark Challen announced the winner of the annual H&H Table Game. Each table was given the challenge of building their own inspiration board, complete with a fun write up.


Here’s the winning entry (judged by editors Joel Bray and Stacey Smithers), which painted a vivid picture of the decor of fictitious young homeowners, Miley and Liam. Check out their furnishing choices — deemed suitable for the in-laws, and twerking.

Photo credits:
1-8. Wendy Jacob