Decorating & Design

December 8, 2008

Hide A Mirrored Wall

Q. I need some suggestions as to what I can do to cover a mirrored wall. I can’t remove it because it is a rental unit. The room is quite large and the mirror is floor to ceiling and runs the whole length of one wall. Can you give me some ideas for a temporary cover-up that I can remove when I move out? There will be some furniture against this wall such as a hutch for the TV and stereo.

— Helen

A. There are several design solutions to temporarily cover up your mirrored wall, depending on budget and time. If you will be using the mirrored wall as a backdrop for your TV hutch and other furniture, you can either cover part of the wall and leave some mirror exposed, or cover the entire wall. One simple solution is to introduce a “curtain wall” by installing simple curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. Hang neutral coloured fabric from ring-clips, making sure the fabric just touches the floor. If you plan on covering the entire wall, make sure that you leave a little room between the furniture and the drapes so that the fabric doesn’t look “tucked in”. You can also hang framed pictures or mirrors from the ceiling that will seem like they are floating in front of the fabric, creating a whimsical look. Leave a space exposing the mirrored wall in the middle of the curtains just wide enough to accommodate your hutch: this is also a creative way of taking advantage of some of the mirrored wall space but hiding most of the mirror you don’t want to see. Depending on the height of your hutch, think about hanging an empty ornate frame from the ceiling above your hutch, “framing” part of the mirrored wall for a creative, unique look.

If your time and budget allow, installing a rail on the ceiling (and floor, depending on the ceiling height and weight of plywood needed) to house sliding painted plywood sheets is a more expensive and time-consuming solution. Paint the new “wall” a colour that complements the rest of the room and the mirrored wall will be neatly tucked away from view.