July 6, 2009

HomeSense Finds

Last week I wrote about the importance of having old, banged-up pieces in your space to give it soul. I still maintain that this is very important, but to give your space some of-the-moment trend hits, new items can be useful too. For those of us in the design industry, trends come and go so fast it will leave your head spinning. Which is why I think it’s wise to save on those trend items, especially so you don’t feel like you’re tied to each piece forever.

living room designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber

This living room, designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber highlights the impact of fresh new design pieces.

If you want to save on trendy hits of design, head over to HomeSense for a good old treasure hunt. Sure, not everything will be your taste, but there are always some incredible finds, and even more incredible prices. This week I took a spin around my local H.S. and found lots of inspiration.


One of the things HomeSense does well is bedding — they’ve got it all from classic hotel, to punchy and printed, to romantic and pretty. Check out these sheeting and duvet cover options.

bedding - punchy prints

I saw these sheets inspired by Lulu DK and David Hicks at prices you can swallow! Layer different patterns to get the Lulu DK effect (below).

Lulu DK bedding - blue print

If bold and graphic isn’t your thing, they’ve got softer styles, too.

bedding - softer styles

These items feel like they’re from an old farmhouse in a Ralph Lauren ad to me.

old farmhouse feel

HomeSense also has a huge selection of cushions.

embroidered seahorses on linen

These embroidered seahorses on linen remind me of Thomas Paul’s current collection (below). Plus there are tons of florals, geometrics and solids to mix and match.

Thomas Paul's collection

 pillows at HomeSense


You know me, I’m more of a thrift/vintage kind of guy when it comes to furniture. But HomeSense has got some fun new pieces to add to the mix.

mirrors and little white chests

How about these handsome oval mirrors, or these little white chests?

white acrylic take on the Ghost Chair

Or this white acrylic take on the Ghost Chair?

Look familiar?

Victoria Ghost Chair from Katell

Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost Chair from Kartell.

If you’ve researched ceramic garden stools — a huge trend recently — you’ll know they can cost a FORTUNE! Luckily for those of us on a budget, HomeSense has tons right now in every colour and style. I may or may not have picked one up on the weekend. Here’s the expensive variety from Williams Sonoma Home.

ceramic garden stools

And here are some HomeSense scores.

ceramic garden stools from HomeSense


Accent pieces can help wake up a tired room. And if you want to be on-trend, but also on-budget, check out these deals:

HomeSense woven baskets

HomeSense woven baskets, followed by their pricier Pottery Barn cousins.

Woven baskets from Pottery Barn

ginger jars with cobalt blue painting

These ginger jars with delicate cobalt blue painting are very Kathryn M. Ireland.

Classic Country by Kathryn M. Ireland

From Kathryn M. Ireland’s Classic Country (2007 Gibbs Smith).

chunky wooden candlesticks

Gorgeous chunky wooden candlesticks are perfect for a mantle, dining table or the floor.

vases and vessels from HomeSense

And HomeSense has a great selection of vases and vessels for arranging flowers. I love the idea of using a ginger jar for flowers (a trick I stole from a recent House Beautiful issue!)


Finally comes lighting. I love to hit up HomeSense for great lighting. It’s great because you can usually find a pair, they have tons of different scales and styles, and if you don’t like the shade, you can easily switch it out for something else (see this H&H article for Lampshade Buying Tips). Some of the shades tend to be fussy, so I like to sub in a simple linen drum shade or something black or woven. Try it — you’ll see!

lighting at HomeSense

I hope this has inspired you to get out there and get hunting. There’s lots of treasure to be found and your home will thank you for the fresh pick-me-up. Note to HomeSense: get ready, here they come!

Visit the HomeSense website for a list of their locations across Canada.

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