How To Clean Your Living Room

You’ve worked hard to create a welcoming living area to enjoy at the end of the day, as well as an entertaining centre worthy of your friends. Now, take the time to maintain it with these easy cleaning tips. The good news is, you’re allowed to watch television while you clean!

Step One: Corral the clutter.

Before you start the deep clean, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the room. Not sure what to do with books, newspapers, DVDs, board games, toys and more? Consider investing in a coffee table or ottoman cubes with storage. Rustic wicker baskets are also great catch-alls and tuck nicely into a corner or under a coffee table.

Step Two: Clean the coffee and side tables.

Remove all objects from the table and use a spray cleanser to wipe away greasy fingerprints, smudges and other smears. Wipe away any stubborn spills or stains with a damp cloth and a bit of detergent.

Step Three: Dust the rest of the room.

Start at the top of a room and work your way down, otherwise gravity will defeat all your hard work. Give ceiling corners a quick dust to remove cobwebs, using extendible dusters or a broom so you don’t need a chair to reach. Don’t forget to wipe down the ceiling fan or light fixtures. Move down and gently dust photographs and wall art. Use a blow dryer to dust any lamps so you don’t rub dust into the shade.  

Step Four: Give your sofa and chairs a once over.

Remove sofa and chair cushions, take them outside and beat the dust out of them with the straight end of a broom. Back inside, using the crevice attachment on your vacuum and suck up dirt and debris hidden away in chair and sofa seams. If you have a pet, use a sticky roller to collect pet hair.  Rotate your cushions (if possible) to prevent sags and droops. Spot clean any stains with a solution of one teaspoon of clear liquid dish detergent in a cup of water. Grab any washable throws and blankets and put them in the laundry with a scented detergent to keep them smelling fragrant long after they’ve been washed.

Step Five: Sanitize surfaces.

Did you know cold and flu germs can live on objects like doorknobs and remote controls for up to 48 hours? Regularly clean light switches, doorknobs, remote and gaming controls, telephones and stereo switches with warm water and dish soap. Or, try a disinfecting wipe.

Step Six: Tackle the floors.

Give the floors a thorough vacuum and mop. Beat the dust out of any smaller carpets. Tip: It’s a good idea to put down carpets at entranceways, as they help minimize dirt being tracked through your home.

Step Seven: Air it out.

The room should already be smelling fresher, thanks to your thorough cleaning. Sustain the mood with a relaxing scent, using a scented candle.

Step Eight: Use quick fixes to maintain the look.

When company arrives unexpectedly, use these clean-up tips.

•Collect miscellaneous objects in clear garbage bag and stash them in a closet — this way you’ll know where they go later.

•Stack newspapers and magazines into a neat pile.

•Flip your sofa cushions for a quick clean appearance. (Do this only when company comes and you’ll always have the option.)

•Get rid of odours quickly by spraying a fabric deodorizer on upholstery and throw pillows.

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Lesley Young
Stacey Brandford