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June 26, 2015

How To Create A Guest-Friendly Space

Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather with friends and family. Whether you’re entertaining friends at the cottage or family is staying at your place in the city, as a host, you want to make sure your guests feel comfortable.

Generally, having things tucked away in closets and cupboards is great – the clutter is hidden, everything is neat and in order. But at a place like the cottage where there is a more relaxed atmosphere, you want guests to be able to find everything they need without having to ask. Here are some tips that will not only make your guests feel at home, but will allow you maximum time to enjoy their company.

In The Kitchen

Open shelves instead of enclosed upper cabinets are the perfect pick for your kitchen space. Go a step further and colour coordinate your dishes to add style. Hang your cookware out in the open for easy access. Have countertop canisters with utensils so anyone can step in and set the table or even help you prepare the food. With that being said, some enclosed storage will definitely be needed for kitchen necessities that are less easy on the eyes.

In The Washroom

Instead of tucking everything into an enclosed linen closet, consider open shelves for things like towels, fresh linens and toiletries. Don’t hide toothpaste, cotton swabs and bandages in a medicine cabinet or a vanity drawer; keep them in pretty jars or tins. You can even corral everything onto a tray and place it on your vanity counter so that no one has to rummage through drawers and cupboards for the basics.

In The Living Room

Keep extra throws and pillows in baskets by the sofa so they are at hand and easy to find. Stack board and other skillz games neatly on a bookcase to inspire a game of monopoly or cards on a whim.

Author: Jennifer Koper and Sabina Sohail 

Kim Jeffery


Countertop, Caeserstone; Admonter flooring, Moncer Specialty Flooring; cabinets, JMac Productions.


House & Home May 2013 Issue.


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