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December 8, 2008

How To Hang Plates On A Wall

Q. I have a large spare bedroom with the bed and two mission-style night tables centred on a long wall. The bed has a blue and white handmade quilt on it and the wall colour is ivory. I have 12 blue and white Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates from my grandmother, and I recently purchased 12 small handmade plate holders for mounting on a wall. What would be an attractive pattern in which to arrange the plates and plate holders over the spare bed?

A. When creating a grouping of art on a wall, always start with the arrangement on the floor first, so you can make changes without damaging the wall with too many nail holes. On the floor, arrange the plates in different patterns, and choose which one suits you best. Make sure to leave a good 5” to 8” around the edge of the grouping to ensure balance, as you don’t want any arrangement to seem crunched up against a wall or ceiling. If your ceiling height permits, you can group the plates in a symmetrical display of rows or an asymmetrical, organic pattern as shown above. It seems that your room is more traditional, so try arranging the plates in an oval shape, for a little extra interest. Try to keep the plate grouping centred over the bed to create a focal point.

Once you’ve decided on a pattern, trace out the pattern on paper and mark the wall where you will hang the plate holders. If you don’t want to bother with the paper, start from the middle and work out. Mark the spot where you will hang the plate that will be in the centre of the display. If you know you will be leaving 2” or 3” between plates, then just mark the others accordingly. Think about finishing off the room by placing a ceramic vase in a warm red, or a red pillow on an accent chair to bring in a contrasting colour to your blue and white room.