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May 22, 2015

How To Make A Bold Impact In A Sleek Space

If there’s one way to make good decorating great, it’s contrast — the addition of a bold accent in a sleek, minimalist space effortlessly elevates the entire room. But it takes a deft hand, like Toronto based fashion photographer Carlyle Routh’s, to master the look. Here are three lessons we learned from her mod living room.

1. Choose Floating Furniture
The key to achieving a visually light look is floating furniture, like Carlyle’s mod sideboard. But if a completely floating piece isn’t available — or not to your taste — it’s easy to get a similar effect by choosing slim-legged furniture (like the mod, black chair) or going with architectural pieces that don’t have a traditional structure, like her two-legged bookcase.

2. Try A Monochromatic Look
Matching your furniture to the wall colour also creates the visual illusion of a larger space, and allows other elements in the room to stand out. Above, the mostly white space is chic, and its sleek and simple lines provide the perfect backdrop for a few high contrast pieces, like a large piece of graphic art — a photo Carlyle took herself — and a sculptural black chair.

3. Reduce Clutter
Remember, negative space is a clever way to create a focal point. Keep the rest of the styling in the space minimal so that the pieces you want to stand out can make a clear statement. In Carlyle’s living room, crowding the wall with more art would lessen the impact of the large piece, which instead feels striking on its own.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Marina Stamatakos

Angus Fergusson


House & Home April 2015 issue


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