Best Paint Colors

November 27, 2008

How To Paint Hardware

Q. The accessories in my bedroom are brass and I want to switch to a pewter shade. Can I paint or spray-paint the handles on my oak dressers that are now brass? Some of the handles are oddly shaped and I cannot find replacements. If I can do this, what type of paint do you suggest I use?

A. Painting existing hardware is a very inexpensive, simple way to update the look of your furniture and room, whether on a bedroom dresser, an office desk or kitchen cabinets. If you are thinking of switching your brass hardware to a pewter colour, go for either a satin or brushed nickel, or pewter finish, not a polished look. A matte finish will have a longer style life than polished, and is easier to pair up with other accessories. Remove the hardware from your furniture and clean it in soapy water. If the finish on the hardware is very glossy, we recommend cleaning it with TSP (trisodium phosphate) to prepare the surface so the new paint adheres to it properly. Once the hardware is completely dry, lay the pieces out on a drop sheet or newspaper and spray them with paint suitable for metal. Rust-Oleum’s Tremclad silver hammered finish is a good choice. Once the hardware has dried, inspect the handles to make sure the paint has covered all the nooks and crannies, giving them another coat if necessary. Again, once they are all completely dry, affix them onto your dressers and enjoy the new look.