How’s It Hanging?

I’ve always liked the idea of an indoor hammock. When a boy I went to university with hung one in his room, I immediately developed a crush on him. This was a guy worth hanging out with, I thought. Why should the pleasure of gently rocking back and forth in one, a foot dangling over the edge, be limited to the summer months? Especially in Canada, where summer seems so short?

Recently, an email popped up in my inbox promoting a new indoor hanging kit from Eagles Nest Outfitters that lets you suspend a hammock from an interior wall or post. Apparently, I’m not alone in dreaming of year-round hang time. The kit uses steel anchor bolt hangers, lag screws and nylon cords, and installation requires only a little handyman know-how with a drill and wrench. Best of all, it supports up to 400 lb., so two people can safely crawl into the hammock together… say, you and that guy you have a crush on.

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Photo credits:
2. Eagles Nest Outfitters

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